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The winds of change.
It can’t be. This can’t be. Didn’t think we’d reach the final chapter.
Do you care my brother? Cause you’ve tossed me to the gutter. I’m trying to renew. Renew you.

My cup is full of empty promises. The bond has broke. Undone by the gap. Carry the emptiness on my back. But the question still remains: Am I the one who's wrong or have you wronged me?

Take it to heart cause you’re breaking mine as you slip into the haze. Watching you bend with the winds of change. Leave me with the pieces.

The day is coming soon. Look you in the eye, and finally see things through. Can’t have you making me blue. I didn’t think time would change you.

Do you know what you’re breaking? Break me. Smoke and mirrors.
Witness the void you left in me. Empty. Time has changed you.
Although it hurts, the good thoughts don’t leave my mind.
Can’t relive them. I think it’s time to say goodbye.



from MIND GAMES, released April 3, 2017



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LOCKED IN Winnipeg, Manitoba

Heavy hardcore from the dead centre of Canada.

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